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UGANDA at 59: Kinshasa Mission celebrates

Saturday, 9th October 2021
Amb. James Mbahimba and Guests on the occasion of Uganda's 59th Independence Celebration. Kinshasa, Oct. 2021

Pearls are the natural world's only gemstone formed in a living creature. Out of the 54 countries on the continent of Africa, there is only one natural gem known as the "Pearl of Africa"-Uganda. Uganda became a self-governing country on 09th October 1962, an anniversary celebrating its Independence Day and the adoption of its national flag, characterized by the colors black, yellow and red.

Home to over 45 million people, Uganda is a nation that has enjoyed massive progress since independence. Countrywide and worldwide celebrations honor this progress. The Kinshasa Mission had its own festivity with traditional dance and food like matooke and kalo.

Along with being a chance to reflect on almost 60 years of independence, this national day is also an opportunity for Ugandans to look toward the future of their nation: a forward motion symbolized by the raised leg of the grey-crowned crane found on the center of the Ugandan flag.

The theme of this year's Independence Day celebrations is: "Securing the future through National Mindset change". H.E. James Mbahimba, Ambassador of the Republic of Uganda in Kinshasa, pinpointed the relevancy of this theme as it pertains to our efforts towards consolidating and defending our national independence. It embodies the realization of our vision and ideology of patriotism, Pan Africanism, democracy and social economic transformation of our society from peasantry to a modern and prosperous economies, from insecurity to secure places. The Ugandan Ambassador confidently cited DRC's President, H.E Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo's phrase which encourages both Uganda and the DRC to "Build bridges at national borders and not walls".

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