W.E.F April 1st, 2022, the Passport Processing System at the Uganda Embassy in Washington DC, will change from manual submission of applications through mail to in-person appearance at the Embassy.


The Consular Section of the Embassy will be open and offer in-person enrollment and interviews for passport applicants after they have completed the passport application online, paid for passport and courier fees, and application form dully submitted. Applicants must then make an appointment on the e-passport portal before visiting the Embassy for enrollment.


The Uganda Embassy WILL NO LONGER RECEIVE couriered Passports for renewal. All Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) e-passport services are paid for online or over-the-counter in any Ugandan bank that collects Non-Tax Revenue for the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).


In light of these changes, the Embassy wishes to inform the general public of changes in our service provision as follows:

1. Please DO NOT pay for multiple passports under the same name even if the passports belong to a family or a group. The name of each applicant should appear on the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) receipt AS IT APPEARS ON THE APPLICATION FORM. Please process payment for each individual's passport as per the auto-generated PRN numbers on your application form within 21 days of creating your application. This includes renewal applications for minors. Failure to pay within the given 21 days will make the PNR receipt null and void. Applicants must make a fresh application online and dully pay for it.


2. Applicants MUST ensure that the courier fees are included along with the passport application fees.


3. Please note that due to reduced operations, possible disruptions and logistical challenges in expedited passport service, the turn-around time for passport renewal is approximately 14 working days. Passports are printed in the Kampala Passport processing Center and not at the Embassy, therefore applicants are strongly advised to make their online applications and make appointments well in advance to avoid disappointments. 


4. Applicants are advised that selecting Expedited processing applies only to the speed at which the passport is printed in Kampala. Due to the logistical challenges of international shipping, the embassy can not guarantee a faster shipping time.  


5. Applicants for Emergency Travel Documents, please refer to the Embassy website in the Consular Services section for guidelines. 




1. Proceed to the online Passport Application portal and ensure that you include your current phone number where you will receive updates by SMS or email.

2. Once the application and payments are complete, print the copy showing a nine-digit Application ID number (e.g. W000123456) Please ensure that you pay all the assessment fees including the UGX 10,000 courier fees.

3. Print your receipts after making your online payment. 

4. Book your appointment date online (Passport Portal for enrollment at the Embassy

5. Appear at the Embassy with printed appointment form on the scheduled date

With the following;


• Old Passport 

• Copy of national I.D (If you have one)

• Copy of the recommender's Ugandan National I.D.

• Print-out of  payment receipts

• Form of ID: Residential I.D/Student I.D/Driving license I.D or Old US Visa

• A pre-paid self-addressed courier return envelope in a packet (EXPRESS or PRIORITY mail with a tracking number for shipment of your new passport when it arrives )


6. For Minors below 18 years come with the following:


• Old Passport of the Child

• Letter of Consent from one of the parents

• Birth Certificate of the child

• Photo copy of parent's Passport or National ID




7.  Avail the Embassy with a reliable call-back number in the USA on your application.

8. Applicants may be requested for additional supporting documentation where necessary.


9. For lost/damage/stolen passport pay the assessed "fine for lost passport" fee of UGX 100,000 in addition to the regular passport fees. You must select either lost, stolen or damaged for the type of passport required. 


10. Please do not come with Passport size pictures. 


Note: Requests for refund of passport fees must be in writing and addressed to the URA Commissioner General via email to The Embassy is not in position to refund passport fees.

The Embassy will be closed to the public on Ugandan and DRC Public Holidays) 


The Embassy of the Republic of Uganda is located at the address below:

5911 16th Street 



Passport Enrollment Hours:

Monday - Friday - 10:00am to 2:00pm (EST)




Passport Renewal FAQ's


When can I visit the Embassy for enrollment?

Monday to Friday between 9:00 am - 2.00 pm, with a printed copy of your appointment date and time.  Ensure you have booked an appointment on the passport portal at


Am I really required to appear in person to submit my passport application?

Yes. Once you have submitted your application online and have booked your appointment, please print your confirmation page and a copy of your application and report to the Embassy with your documents at the appointed date and time. 


Am I required to have a National ID to apply for the E-passport?

No. All applicants in the diaspora are not mandated to present a national ID, but it eases the requirement of proof of citizenship. If you are a dual Citizen, you will need to present a Uganda certificate of Dual Citizenship at the Embassy.


I am a Dual Citizen and want to renew my Ugandan Passport. How do I do this?

Please note that in order to hold passports of two nationalities the law in Uganda requires you to formally register as a dual citizen first. In order to renew your Ugandan Passport you will need to present your Certificate of Dual Citizenship.


Who can be a recommender?

A person with a Ugandan Passport or National ID who can attest to your identity.   Ensure that the recommender signs the section which indicates “recommender’s signature”, or a signed copy of passport or national ID can be presented. 


How will I know when my passport is ready for collection?

An automated SMS message or email will be sent to you once the Embassy receives your passport in Washington, DC. Please ensure that the US phone number or email you provide during enrollment is active. There is no need to call the Embassy.


How will I receive my passport once the Embassy receives it from Kampala?

All applicants must present a pre-paid self-addressed courier return envelope in a packet (EXPRESS or PRIORITY mail with a tracking number for shipment of your new passport. The sender section of the envelope should indicate “Uganda Embassy 5909 16th St. NW, Washington DC 20011” and the recipient section of the envelope should indicate your preferred receiving address. 


I am having trouble making an online payment, can you advise how to resolve this?

• Applicants can try to use a different browser.

• Close the application and log in again or try to pay later.  Alert your local Bank first that your Bank card is being used for an overseas transaction. 

• Ensure that you pay using either  VISA or Mastercard. 

• The Banks in the drop-down menu are the payee banks in Uganda. You do not need to have an account with any of them in order to select one to pay into.

• You can also pay directly through the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) portal at

1. At the URA homepage, select E-Services, on the left-hand side of the page

2. Click on payments

3. Select Mastercard or VISA card payment icon, and follow the prompts.

4. Make each payment separately. Each will have its unique PRN.

5. Print the receipt after each payment

Over-the-counter Bank Payments


• You have the option to ask a trusted person to make payment on your behalf at most Banks in Uganda that accept URA payment. Payments must be made using the PRN numbers auto-generated on your passport application form.


Qn: I completed my application but the system will not let me book my appointment.


Ans: Please check that all the assessed payments as outlined on your application form have been paid. This includes the UGX 10,000 courier fees. Please note that each fee must be paid as a separate transaction. Incomplete payments will prevent you from progressing to the Appointments portal. 


Note that fees should not be paid as a lump sum, each fee has a unique PRN serial number tagged to it which must be credited separately.



          Qn: I need to reschedule my appointment.


         Ans: An appointment date, once selected, cannot be rescheduled until the allocated date has passed.  You will only be able to reschedule your appointment 24 hours after the original date you were allocated has passed.



PDF icon Passport application fees

PDF icon Supporting Documents

PDF icon Passport Renewal Checklist